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home security system Home security systems are a great way to protect your family from intruders or burglars, and keep your property safe.  They are designed to sound an alarm or alert security personnel in the event of a burglary or other unauthorized intrusion.  When planning a home security system, consider your security requirements carefully and remember that security locks and good outdoor lighting may suffice to deter most unwanted intruders.

Many house alarm systems work by sending a signal to a central monitoring location when a break-in is detected.  These locations then contact the local police, who come to your home.  These systems sometimes issue false alarms, so do check with your local police about their false alarm policies before installing a centrally-monitored security system.

home security lock An electronic security system may be hardwired or wireless.  Hardwired systems operate on low-voltage electricity and typically include a step-down voltage transformer, a master control panel, several remote-control pads, and a series of contact switches and sensors.  Wireless systems consist of battery or AC receptacle powered sensors and contact switches that contain independently operated alarms.  They may use a radio frequency to communicate with a control panel.

A wide range of perimeter sensors is available, from magnetic switches and plunger switches for detecting when doors and windows are opened to ribbon sensors for detecting when glass window panes are broken.  You may also wish to install motion sensors or heat sensors at specific locations in your home, or even pressure-activated sensors under carpeting in entryways and on stairways.  Some whole-house security systems include a remote control panic button that can trigger an alarm from anywhere in the house.

Please browse our home security system suppliers page, where you can compare wired and wireless security systems, including central station monitoring systems, as well as traditional home security locks and safes.

Home Security System Solutions

  • First Alert
    Offers professional quality home security devices and alarm systems.
  • GE Infrastructure Security
    Offers a wide range of residential security solutions including alarm systems, fire alarm systems, and key control systems, as well as structured wiring solutions and wireless control systems.

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