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neighborhood watch - burglar deterrence Did you know that a burglary is committed about every ten seconds in America?  So what is the difference between communities that are safe, and those that are not?

Basically, burglars tend to steer away from busy, well-used areas, and tend to concentrate on areas that are desolate and deserted.  But just because you live on a quiet country road doesn't mean that you are a potential target for burglars.  With the right amount of planning, lighting, and security system devices, your home can be as safe as those on busy city streets.

There's a two-pronged approach when it comes to keeping your home safe from burglars.  First of all, make sure that as many doors, windows, and other entrances as possible are visible from the outside of your home.  Burglars like to work in privacy, and they will look for dark, hidden places in which to complete their business.  Make sure you have a well-lit property, as lighting deters burglars.  If there are areas where a burglar could easily hide, such as in the shadows of bushes or trees, be sure to train bright lights on these problem areas.

community security gate Be sure to lock or otherwise restrict access to those areas where clear sight lines can't be easily maintained.  Ensure that all locks are in good working order on your windows and doors.  Broken or missing locks should be replaced.  If you are moving into a new home, or if your home has been recently burglarized, change your locks.  Once you have all of your locks in order, be sure to use them!

Co-operate with your neighbors to look out for strangers and other suspicious behavior.  Neighborhoods that are organized to watch out for crime are more difficult for burglars to work in.

Never leave notes for service people, friends, or family on your door.  These basically serve as an announcement that you aren't home!  If someone comes to your door when you are home, don't let them in without checking credentials.  If you are suspicious, listen to your gut instinct and call the police.  If someone has an emergency, keep your door locked and offer to make a phone call for them.

Dogs make great deterrents!  A dog doesn't necessarily have to be big to send a burglar on its way, it just has to be noisy.  A trained guard dog isn't necessary — most family pets will make quite a ruckus when a stranger comes to the door.  Since burglars don't like to draw attention to themselves, a loud barking dog often scares them away.

Finally, install a good security system in your home.  Even if you have followed all of the steps above, a good security system can prove to be a persistent burglar's final deterrent.

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Burglary Deterrence

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