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security system installer testing a home security system control panel Security system installers install, repair, and maintain security systems, fire alarm systems, alarm devices, and all related equipment including control panels, door and window contacts, sensors, and video cameras.  Some installers work for themselves as independent contractors, while others work for large or small organizations, nationwide or local, that specialize in security equipment.  A security system installer advises clients concerning suitable systems depending upon the situation and the customer's needs, installs the system, makes sure it is working properly, maintains the system on a regular basis, and is also able to repair systems that have broken.

Most organizations that hire security system installers require some form of training.  While some companies will allow employees to work their way up through on-the-job training, associates degrees, vocational school training, or certificates are looked favorably upon.  Apprenticeship programs may also be available.

Security system workers must be willing to accept a wide variety of workplaces, as the job locations vary significantly.  An installer may find himself or herself working at one job site for a period of time, or may work at several different job sites throughout one day.  Security system installers typically enjoy a lot of autonomy, and are free to make their own decisions regarding jobs without lots of supervision.

In addition to being experts in issues pertaining to security, security system installers must be excellent problem solvers, must be able to work with tools, and must have good interpersonal and communications skills.  Because the job requires understanding the very specific needs of their clients, security system personnel must be good listeners who can understand their clients' problems.  An attention to detail, as well as the ability to keep the issues surrounding their clients confidential, is also necessary.  Because solving security issues can be difficult and can also go hand-in-hand with unique obstacles, persistence is an important trait for a security system installer to have.

The job outlook for security system installers remains steady, because individual homes, as well as business and organizations, continue to have security needs.  For more information about security system careers, visit the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association website.

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Security System Installers

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